Bicycle Service & Repair


You will want your pride and joy to remain reliable and serviceable. Just like all things mechanical, your bike needs to be regularly maintained. Rest assured that we only use the best quality parts when we carry out any work. Below is a list of the details of our servicing schedule. If you want a specific repair, modification or upgrade carried out just speak with one of our mechanics who will be glad to discuss your needs and find a solution.

We now offer a collection and delivery service where we pick up/drop off your bike at a location convenient for you. Please see our Collections & Delivery page for further details.

Basic Service £55 + Parts
True front and rear wheels, check and adjust front and rear hubs, check tyre pressures, check and adjust wheel nuts/quick release.
Check and adjust headset, check and adjust bars and stem.
Check and adjust bottom bracket, check/tighten chainset and cranks, check/tighten chainset ringbolts, check/tighten pedals, check/tighten front and rear mechs, adjust gears, lubricate.
Check and adjust levers, check and adjust calipers, check brake block alignment, check cables, adjust as necessary.
Check and adjust as necessary.
Check and adjust as necessary mudguards, panniers etc. lubricate as necessary.
Full Service £100 + Parts
As above but includes:
Strip/service front and rear hubs, strip/service bottom bracket, strip/service headset.
Brake Service £25 + Parts
Includes all labour for changing brake pads, cables, calipers as necessary, set up brakes and wheel true between pads.
Hub Service (excl parts) £12.50 + Parts
Check bearing surface, adjust hubs as necessary. Replace axle, cones, bearings as required.
Wheel Build £40 + Parts
With wheel building, our reputation proceeds us. We can supply and build complete, or you supply the ingredients!
Gear Service £25 + Parts
Check/adjust/replace cables, chain, cassette as necessary. lubricate and set up gears.
Wheel True £15 (£30 if a full re-tension required)

Sealed Bottom Bracket Fit £25 + Parts
Puncture Repair £7.20 + Tube Rear, £4.80 + Tube Front or off bike

All the above prices are estimates only, based on an hourly labour rate of £55 per hour. We will endeavour to give you a best estimate of price when you bring the bike in. However, we can’t promise to spot all the problems with a bike until it’s in the stand, and even then sometimes until the job is near completion.
When major parts are required to be fitted or if a large increase in the labour charge is expected, we’ll stop the job, and contact you for a go-ahead. We do, however, reserve the right to fit small parts and charge additional labour to complete jobs to our satisfaction.
As we’re sure you’ll appreciate, this means that your bike will be returned to you quicker, and in better condition.